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Hultafors Dry Marker Pencil With Holster & Built-in Sharpener

Supplied in a holster with a built-in sharpener for clear markings, the grip-friendly and ergonomically designed Hultafors Dry-Marker is easy to remove - so you don't have to let go of what you're working with. The shape of the holster ensures the pen stays in place, even when you move - and the pen can be used whilst in the holster or removed completely, depending on your preference. There is a hole in the bottom of the holster too, which allows dirt and moisture to fall away from the pen to extends its life. Plus, the lead is easy to change and refills are available.
£7.99 incl VAT

Ox Tools OX-P500703 Ox Pro Snap Off Carpenters Pencil Replacement Blades Pack 3

The OX Pro Sharpdraw Carpenters Pencil Replacement Blades 9mm. Suitable fit for most 9mm snap off knives. Pack of 3.
£7.96 incl VAT

Tracer APMK1 Permanent Construction Markers 4pk

The TRACER APMK1 Permanent Construction Marker is a 1-2mm bullet point marker that is durable enough for a range of tough construction applications. This pack contains two black markers, one blue marker and one red marker. The tip is made from durable acrylic, and free from both toluene and xylene. The ink is quick-drying to avoid smudgy messes and is the perfect tool for making helpful marks during construction on material including metal, wood, tile, and plastic surfaces.
£4.74 incl VAT

Pica BIG Dry 6060 Longlife Construction Marker

Automatic lead feed at the push of a button Refillable with different leads, for most versatile capabilities
£13.67 incl VAT

Tracer Deep Hole Pencil Marker With Holster

The Tracer deep hole pencil can mark through beams & joists with ease. It's the perfect choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.
£12.26 incl VAT

OX Trade Hard Green Carpenters Pencils 10 pk

Carpenters pencils with FREE sharpener included Comfort grip and easy to hold Hard lead
£7.21 incl VAT