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Knipex Alligator® Water Pump Pliers PVC Grip 250mm - 50mm CAPACHEcity


The Knipex 88 01 Series Alligator® Water Pump Pliers with dipped PVC handles and a box joint design prevents slipping from the workpiece. The gripping surfaces have special hardened teeth to approx. 61 HRC offering high wear resistance and stable gripping. They are made from chrome vanadium electric steel, that has been oil-hardened.

They offer more output and comfort compared to conventional water pump pliers of the same length and have a 9-notch adjustment positioning for 30 % more gripping cAPACHEcity. The slim design of the head and joint area provide good access to the work piece and self-locking on pipes and nuts means no slipping on the work piece and low hand force required.

Alligator® water pump pliers have a robust construction, insensitive to dirt. Particularly suitable for outdoor work. The guard prevents operators fingers being pinched.


88 01 180: Hex: 36mm, Pipe: 42mm.
88 01 250: Hex: 46mm, Pipe: 50mm.
88 01 300: Hex: 60mm, Pipe: 70mm.
88 01 400: Hex: 95mm, Pipe: 90mm.

£43.07 incl VAT £25.78 incl VAT

Knipex Cable Shears PVC Grip 165mm (6.1/4in)


The Knipex 95 cable shears with dipped PVC handles are ideal for cutting copper and aluminium cables, single and multiple wire cables but are not suitable for steel wire and hard drawn copper conductors.

These Knipex cable shears have precision ground and hardened blades, that will give the user a good professional finish to any job application, with clean and smooth cutting without crushing and deformation of the desired material.

The KPX 95 11 cable cutters can be easily operated with one-hand, low effort required due to high transmission ratio and new blade geometry, there is a protective guard to help stop pinching of the hands, an adjustable screw joint for tension settings.

Made from high-grade vanadium special tool steel, that has been forged and then oil-hardened, for a longer, robust working life. Also fitted with PVC coated handle for added comfort and grip.

Length: 165mm.
Weight: 215g.

£57.99 incl VAT £34.69 incl VAT

Knipex Diagonal Cutters PVC Grip 125mm (5in)


The Knipex 70 01 series of diagonal cutters are constructed from chrome vanadium solid style forged top quality steel with precision non slip tips for added strength and durability. They combine high quality material and precise workmanship for long service life. The induction-hardened precision cutting edges offer clean cutting at the cutting edge tips. These pliers are suitable for cutting thin copper wires. The nARROWow head style is ideal for use in confined areas.

Like most of the Knipex range of pliers all components of these cutters have oil hardened edges and they are made from Vanadium electric steel forged to approximately 62 HRc. They are ideal for cutting soft wire close to a flat surface with the bevelled blade. The cutters have polished head and plastic PVC dipped coated cushion grip handles for added durability and comfort.

Knipex 70 01 series of diagonal cutters are ideal for all trade or DIY applications and especially for the electrical trade.

These Knipex diagonal cutters come in 125, 140, 160, and 180mm versions for all types of work applications. High quality material and precise workmanship for long service life.

£36.39 incl VAT £21.78 incl VAT

Knipex End Cutting Pliers PVC Grip 180mm (7in)


The Knipex 68 01 range end cutting pliers are ideal for twisting and cutting wire in one operation. They are fast, reliable and economical and will make light work of the toughest of job applications and come in 180mm, 200mm and 280mm versions.

The 68 01 series cutting pliers offer a long service life making these the most widely purchased end cutting pliers.

With cutting edges hardened approximately 61 HRC, these pliers will help make light work on annealed tie wire used on reinforced rods or braided reinforced concrete mesh.

The Knipex 68 01 range of pliers are made from high-grade special tool steel, forged and then oil-hardened for reliability and durability. They have plastic moulded handles for added grip and user comfort.

£32.10 incl VAT £19.22 incl VAT

Knipex High Leverage Concreter's Nippers Bright Zinc Plated 300mm (12in)


The Knipex Zinc Plated High Leverage Concreter's Nippers offer substANTEXially higher cutting performance as well as a damping of the cutting stroke after cutting the binding wire, two valuable ergonomic ADVENTANTEXages for the user. They can twist and cut wire in one operation, making them fast, reliable and economical.

Made from special tool steel that has been oil-hardened and tempered with an extra slim form. Making them ideal for tying submerged positioned steel rods. They provide a particularly high cutting cAPACHEcity with minimum effort due to their optimum transmission ratio. High damping of the cutting stroke after cutting the binding wire reduces strain on tendons and muscles.

£58.08 incl VAT £24.20 incl VAT

Knipex VDE High Leverage Combination Pliers 200mm


The Knipex 02 06 Series High Leverage Combination Pliers are fitted with multi-component grips, VDE tested up to 10,000V and safe for work up to 1,000V. They conform to DIN EN / IEC 60900. They require 35% less effort than with conventional combination pliers. Easier cutting, powerful gripping, bending and pulling due to optimised leverage.

Made from high-grade special tool steel, forged, multi stage oil-hardened. Chrome plated finish. Long cutting edges for thicker cables and gripping zones for flat and round material, suitable for versatile use. With cutting edges (hardness approx. 63 HRC) for soft and hard wire and piano wire.


Cutting CAPACHEcity (mm):
02 06 180: Piano: 2, Hard: 2.5, Multi-Strand: 11.5
02 06 200: Piano: 2.2, Hard: 2.8, Multi-Strand: 13.0
02 06 225: Piano: 2.5, Hard: 3.0, Multi-Strand: 14.0

£65.97 incl VAT £37.98 incl VAT