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Irwin Jack 880 Coated Saw with Toolbox Saw

The IRWIN Jack Universal 880 Triple Ground Hardpoint Saw is fitted with a high-quality C75 steel blade and features a unique Triple Ground tooth design, offering up to 25% faster-cutting performance than traditional double ground saws. The blade is treated with a water-based lacquer too, providing 4x the added protection than the conventional anti-rust agents. The handle is a proven design, light and strong with an ultrasonic welded soft grip for increased hold and enhanced comfort. Plus, the 90° and 45° angles integrated in the handle aid the user when marking out. The IRWIN Jack 990UHP Junior / Toolbox Saw on the other hand offers soft-grip for user comfort, with the fine toothing providing a superior finish. Ideal for cutting plywood, chipboard and other man-made materials.
£19.00 incl VAT

Irwin Marples MARS500S4 4pc ProTouch All-Purpose Chisel Set

The IRWIN Marples MS500 Series All-Purpose Chisels with ProTouch Handle. These chisels have a large metal striking cap to withstand hammer impacts, prolong the life of the handle and prevent mushrooming. ProTouch handles are designed to provide an extra comfort grip and also reduce vibrations and hand fatigue.
£23.94 incl VAT

Irwin 17pc 4X Blue Groove Flat Bit Set

The Irwin 17pc 4X Blue Groove Flat Bit Set is just what carpenters, kitchen fitters and DIY enthusiasts need. This set includes 17 flat bits that will cut yet not scrape the timber and workpiece you are working on. They have an increased relief angle from 12° to 17° and the parabolic scoop optimises control and removal of wood chips. Also the shank is 152mm in length and 10% larger in diameter for extra resilience. This product is sold as a 17 piece set in a nylon carry case.
£24.98 incl VAT

Vise Grip Irwin Bent Nose Pliers 170mm (6.3/4in)

The IRWIN® Vise-Grip® Bent Nose Pliers are constructed of high-quality steel and are specially coated for superior rust-resistance and longer tool life. The induction-hardened cutting edges are durable enough to cut ACSR, nails, screws and even piano wire without damaging the cutting edge.
£23.99 incl VAT

Irwin Bar Clamp Accessory Medium Duty Coupler

This clamp accessory connects to the bars of two shorter one-handed bar clamps to create a longer single bar clamp.
£6.54 incl VAT

Irwin I-75 Hacksaw 300mm (12in)

Irwin I-75 Hacksaw 300mm is aimed at meeting the demands of professional users. Mushroom pins prevent the blade from being released when the saw is dropped.
£15.34 incl VAT