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Metabo 630343000 5 Fleece Filter Bags For ASR35M - 25/35L

£31.19 incl VAT

Festool 496187 SELFCLEAN Filter Bag SC FIS-CT 26/5 - 5 Pack

High-quality non-woven filter bag, cleans dust deposits inside the filter bag automatically. Switching on the mobile dust extractor puffs up the SELFCLEAN filter bag and switching off the mobile dust extractor collapses the bag. This allows dust deposits inside the SELFCLEAN filter bag to come off. For longer cleanliness and consequently a more sustained high suction power. Efficient, clean and systematic work that reduces hazards to health. Made of three-layer polyester sanding cloth material Tear-resistant and high-quality optimum utilisation of filter bag capacity and consistently high suction power thanks to SELFCLEAN filter bag for class L and M dust
£45.94 incl VAT

Festool Filter bag FIS-CT 17/5x

Filter element with restraint value of 99% The main filter made of cellulose material is suitable for vacuuming dusts and coarse dirt. This enables work to be carried out efficiently, cleanly and systematically and reduces hazards to health.
£38.99 incl VAT

Festool SELF CLEAN filter bag SC FIS-CT MIDI/5

High-quality cloth filter bag Cleans dust deposits inside the filter bag automatically
£35.41 incl VAT

Festool Selfclean Filter Bag SF-FIS-CT Mini/Midi-2/5 Pack of 5

Selfclean Filter Bag 204308 which is suitable for use with CT MINI and CT MIDI units manufactured from 2019 onwards as well as CT 15. Quick and easy disposal of class L and class M dust.
£17.99 incl VAT