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Ox Pro Concrete Chisel ¾" X 12"

£10.83 incl VAT

Bahco BAH424PS6 Bevel Edge Chisel 6pc in a Wooden Box

The Bahco 424 Series Bevel Edge Chisels are durable multi-purpose chisels which have been developed to achieve a high standard of performance.
£55.80 incl VAT

Irwin Marples MARS500S4 4pc ProTouch All-Purpose Chisel Set

The IRWIN Marples MS500 Series All-Purpose Chisels with ProTouch Handle. These chisels have a large metal striking cap to withstand hammer impacts, prolong the life of the handle and prevent mushrooming. ProTouch handles are designed to provide an extra comfort grip and also reduce vibrations and hand fatigue.
£23.94 incl VAT

Stanley DYNAGRIP™ Chisel with Strike Cap Set, 5 Piece + Accessories

The Stanley Dynagrip Chisels have steel striking caps which can be used with a steel hammer for increased force at the point of contact. They also have a longer, soft grip handle for improved grip and control.
£52.74 incl VAT

Irwin Marplers M373 Bevel Edge Chisel Splitproof Handle 38mm (1.1/2in)

The IRWIN Marples M373 Splitproof Bevel Edge Wood Chisels are ideal for heavy-duty use and have splitproof handles. They are made from best in category steel for improved sharpness and edge retention.
£42.62 incl VAT

Stanley FatMax® Bevel Edge Chisel with Thru Tang 12mm (1/2in)

The Stanley FatMax® Thru tang bevel edge chisels have an ergonomic handle design incorporating a shatterproof polymer handle
£14.34 incl VAT